Ralph White, Gabe Schliffer & Sugar Pine String Band

Old Nick's Pub, 211 Washington St, Eugene OR

Ralph White "A roots musician in the truest sense, Ralph White channels his love of traditional American genres (folk, country, blues) through a variety of instruments including banjo, fiddle, guitar, button accordion and kalimba; without retreading old paths, makes music that is at once in the moment and seemingly of times long past. He is, as the Austin Chronicle puts it, "a [self-taught] master of ethnomusicology."

Ralph White has played & traveled around the US and the world, toured with the Butthole Surfers and played in numerous outfits including the legendary Bad Livers."

Gabe Schliffer and Sugar Pine String Band is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently living in Eugene, Oregon. His unique songwriting spans the gaps between Americana, Folk, Country and Bluegrass. Gabe weaves masterful acoustic melodies between lyrics of hope and love. Originally from Upstate New York, Gabe grew up at the Folk Art Guild, an intentional community and organic farm in near Rochester, NY.

$5 / Folk, Bluegrass, Americana Sunday Bloody Sunday Drink Specials!

https://ralphwhite.bandcamp.com/ http://www.gabeschliffer.com/